Developer Advocate

An opportunity to join the core technology team of an early, VC-funded startup. Spectral is looking for a creative and independent Senior Node.js Developer to join and build the next generation of a code security platform for other developers, like us.



An opportunity to join an early stage, VC-funded DevSecOps Startup.

Spectral is looking for a Developer Advocate who is passionate about writing technical content (and a lot of it) that will help developers do their job better and develop our online developer’s community.

  • Fast-paced startup – something new every day
  • A small team with an excellent opportunity to grow & make a significant impact
  • Work from anywhere (Remote / TLV office)

What you’ll do?

  • Write and maintain blog posts, white papers, best practices, tutorials and training content.
  • Provide feedback on developer documentation.
  • Help external contributors to create blog posts and other content.
  • Create and maintain video tutorials, screencasts, and product tours.
  • Be the company champion to the company’s community at conferences, meetups, coding boot camps, online forums, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Hacker News, and more.
  • Gain DevSecOps industry recognition and credibility as a lead attendee, panelist and keynote speaker at industry events and technology conferences.
  • Maintain a solid and credible presence in social media channels relevant to developers, Security, DevOps and DevSecOps professionals.




  • English native speaker – MUST
  • Ex-Engineer/Developer with experience as a developer evangelist/advocate. You care deeply about your audience and understand their pain points and frustrations, primarily because of your past technical experience.
  • You are passionate about writing content (and a lot of it) to help developers do their job better!
  • You have an interest in learning more about DevOps, DevSecOps and Security.
  • You have strong writing ability and skill in creating engaging, highly technical blog posts and other forms of written content.
  • You have excellent verbal communication skills and enjoy participating in public speaking, presentations, podcasts, webinars, training, and industry events.
  • You enjoy participating and building open source communities.
  • You are empathetic, a phenomenal cross-functional communicator, and an even better active listener.

 Bonus points

  • You have knowledge and passion for DevOps, DevSecOps and Security fields.
  • You have event organization experience, both physical and online events.
  • You have written engaging developer-facing technical documentation (API/SDK).

You should include in your application:

Your tech blog, or some tech posts you have written and you feel comfortable sharing. Other examples could be great too! a code repository, a Video from a meetup, or something unpublished, like a personal project you’d be willing to share. We would love to see an example of your creativity and technical work.

Bring your
authentic self