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Amiti stands at the forefront of Israel's venture capital landscape.

We are not just investors; we're partners with Israeli’s most transformational founders.

Our distinction lies in our passion for deep technology, combined with our talent for spotting the next game-changer. We're known for our genuine partnership approach - always there in crucial moments, guiding through strategic crossroads, and keeping the long game in focus. This has led to a decade of successful ventures, propelling startups to think big, scale faster, and deliver exceptional value.

Beyond investments, Amiti's ethos is built around fostering diversity, nurturing tech communities, and spurring innovation in Israel. We believe in people, in relationships, and in creating a ripple effect of positive change.

The Amiti Edge

Passion for Identifying Tech Disruptors

We are in the business of finding outliers. Amiti’s edge is in identifying the best deep tech founders for the mission who have the ingenuity to dominate their markets. We do not back the founders that who say there will be three top players in a big market and aim to be in the top three. We back the founders who says they will be the winner in a big market and who have the unique transformational tech to dominate and become that winner.

High Hit Rate in Picking Winners

We believe in most of our investments to date, our teams succeeded in taking the lead and developing the best product in the market. We believe Amiti has a proven capability to substantially reduce seed level risks such as team risk, technology risk and product development risk while benefitting from the outsized potential upside that exists in early-stage deep-tech investing.

The Time is Always Now in Transformational Tech

We believe that investing in transformational deep technology is not sensitive to ups or downs of markets. If a transformational technology is going to cause a major disruption to big markets or create a large new market, then the winner will likely enjoy a lot of upside regardless of whether public, PE or VC markets are up or down.

A Community-Centric Approach to Deal Flow

At Amiti, we understand that our most significant asset is finding the best people for the mission, and retaining strong relationships with partners, customers, academics and investors within our investment themes. We forge and lead communities, providing an invaluable advantage in uncovering exceptional founders and revolutionary ideas, affirming that our network’s strength is a cornerstone of our shared success.  [Read more about our communities - link to the ecosystem segment]

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We believe diverse teams create stronger companies. Amiti uses clear diversity language, including metrics, in documents for seed financing rounds. We see progress as more women and other underrepresented minorities move into management and team leader roles in our companies. Amiti ensures diversity internally as well as in portfolio companies, with > 90% of the firm women/minorities.

Anticipation and Transition towards Most Promising Transformational Tech

Amiti is agile and moves in the direction of where transformational tech is going. Amiti targets new emerging transformational tech sectors that will disrupt or create big markets with many customers and many acquirers. Our community and partnering capabilities ensures we have the right relationships in the right sectors at the right time.

Our Team

Amiti's leadership team embodies a fusion of expertise, vision, and dedication. With backgrounds ranging from early-stage tech investments and financial management to cyber intelligence and strategic business development, our team brings together a diverse and powerful blend of skills.

Our Team

Amiti's leadership team embodies a fusion of expertise, vision, and dedication. With backgrounds ranging from early-stage tech investments and financial management to cyber intelligence and strategic business development, our team brings together a diverse and powerful blend of skills.
Almog Z
Director of Partnerships & Community
Ben Rabinowitz
Founder and General Partner
Liat Cohen Benbenisti
Project Manager
Maya Pizov
General Partner
Nirit Shasho
Noora Kattouf
Tal Ben David
Accounting Controller
Yafit Schwartz
COO, General Partner
Zoe Ofer
Senior Associate


What is our focus?

We invest in Israeli, seed stage, deep-tech teams. Amiti seeks transformational technology that changes the world for the better and can deliver outsized returns regardless of macro conditions. In every fund, we focus on where transformational technology is going and not where it was previously. Our investments in the past include leading Israeli companies in industries such as AI/ML, Semiconductors, Automotive, High Performance Computing and Cyber Security. Our current focus for Amiti IV is in Computational Biology, Synthetic Biology, and Quantum Computing.

What makes Amiti different?

The mission that drives us: We want to live in a better world than the one we live in today. Our mission is to back the best founders in Israel – those who not only dream big but who can also execute and deliver the greatest product in the market, who can transform the world as we know it.

Our proven track record – In our 12 years of existence, we’ve achieved a high hit rate in picking winners and backing successful deep and transformational tech founders Fund after Fund. Amiti has achieved top-tier returns, proving its ability to identify and support founders from the earliest stage. We have many promising companies still growing and others have already exited or had an IPO.

Our technology focused investment themes–  We have developed a mechanism to help us source, filter, identify, and support the best founders for the mission within our investment themes. Our investment themes are carefully selected based on our experience and thesis. We focus on areas we believe have promising potential to transform the world in this decade, and where those areas align with expertise that we are seeing in Israel. We invest in deep technologies and unique and proprietary know-how, that has the potential to change the world for the better. Within these industries, we build our communities and partnerships to ensure we have access to the best deal flow in the country.

Founder Friendly–Our “partnership approach” provides guidance, support, and resources for our entrepreneurs during strategic junctions and in daily challenges. Mutual trust is the main drive of these relationships, and we aim to maintain a healthy line of engagement with our founders, to enable our startups to grow and scale, supporting them every step of the way.

Community and Partnerships – We highly believe in communities and have built and are leading many of them within our investment themes and beyond, resulting in a significant advantage in generating proprietary deal flow for Amiti, as well as added value for our founders.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion - Our values are what make us who we are. Amiti is currently the only Israeli early-stage fund that has a clear diversity language, including metrics, in documents for seed financing rounds.

What’s the Value-add Amiti provides to its Portfolio Founders?

We support our portfolio companies in many ways, to help them grow, succeed, and reach their objectives in the best way possible:

Guidance in Crucial Decisions: We meet regularly with our founders and management teams to discuss businesses, strategies, and challenges. We are always happy to mentor, guide, support and collaborate when tough decisions are needed.

Network: We have a large and active network of both local and global entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and executives. We use this network to connect our portfolio companies with potential customers, partners, and investors. There’s a strong sense of responsibility for everybody in our team, who see themselves as a semi biz dev extension for our companies and actively leverage their own network to strengthen our companies.

Resources: We provide our portfolio companies with access to resources such as legal, financial, and marketing support. We also help portfolio companies raise additional capital and help them in future rounds.Advising: We are very experienced in facilitating growth. We are active board members and full partners for the ride.

Value Creation: We operate forums for our portfolio companies in Finance, Marketing, HR and other areas to support them across functions. We bring our portfolio companies’ founders to the spotlight through Amiti’s collaborations and partnerships and maintain strong relationships between the founders.

What do we look for in our investments?

We expect founders to have the vision and a very thorough understanding of the market they want to disrupt or create, and the market must be big. We need to believe that the winner in this market will require unique deep tech know-how within transformational technologies and that that these are the best founders for us to join forces and partner in building a great company.

The founders must be super passionate for the huge problem they are attempting to solve and must have the fire, resilience and commitment to potentially dominate their market. We do not want founders that want to be among the top three in a market or say the market is big enough for a few players. We want the entrepreneurs that believe they will dominate the market. The core team must be able to back this dream to dominate with clear unique ingenuity and the ability to attract the needed talent anywhere in the world.

Why Deep-tech?

Amiti does not attempt to pursue small or incremental improvements – we find the outliers – the founders that create or disrupt markets and change the world. We are after transformational technology that changes the world and can deliver outsized returns regardless of good or bad macro conditions. We believe that in deep-tech, the strongest teams have defined expertise in the field of technology, which makes it easy to identify the founders who have the required talent and experience.

Why Israel?

R&D: Highest R&D Investment as a % of GDP of any country

Greatest density of startups per capita worldwide

More Nobel Prizes per capita than the US, Germany and France, and more Nobel laureates, in real numbers, than India, Spain and China

just 0.1% of global population, Israel produced almost 10% of all global unicorns.

Unique culture of creativity and collaboration fostered by high level of education and compulsory military service.

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