JFrog enhancing AI capabilities with $230 million acquisition of Qwak
CrowdStrike acquiring cyber startup Flow Security in $200 million deal
Founded in 2021, the Israeli startup, which develops a cloud data runtime security solution, has raised just $13 million to date
Snyk acquires Helios to bolster its AppSec platform
Snyk, the well-funded developer-focused security company, today announced that it has acquired Helios, a Tel Aviv-based startup that helps developers troubleshoot and understand their microservices in production.
התחום החם בכנס ג'יי פי מורגן והקרן שמגדילה את ההימור על חברות ביומד
קרן הארלי סטייג' אמיתי ונצ'רס (Amiti Ventures), הודיעה על שיתוף-פעולה עם החממה הטכנולוגית AION, בה שותפות מספר חברות תרופות בינלאומיות. החממה פועלת להצמחתן בישראל של חברות חדשניות שיתמודדו עם אתגרי העתיד הבוערים בפיתוח תרופות.
Amiti Ventures joins pharma venture studio AION Labs as a Strategic Partner
The Israeli VC firm joins the Israel-based alliance of AstraZeneca, Merck, Pfizer, Teva, Israel Biotech Fund, BioMed X and Amazon Web Services
NextSilicon Introduction
Introducing "Maverick" – A Revolutionary Leap in Compute Architecture. Discover how Maverick is transforming the tech landscape.


Quantum Computing: A Significant Contribution to Israel's Resilience
From security applications to optimizing the power grid or developing new drugs, Quantum Art heralds promising applications. An Israeli company founded by three senior physicists is one of few players in the quantum computing systems field and leads an academic-industrial consortium for Israel's Innovation Authority
The revolution of AI in drug discovery - where are we headed?
Amiti's Associate Noora Kattouf, in a special interview with Dr. Kasif Sadiq, Founder & CEO of DenovAI Biotech, about the future of medicine and human health.
I want others to see women in the room and think they might want to have a female co-founder
Almog Zoosman-Lehman, Community & Partnerships Lead at Amiti Ventures, believes in the power of hard work and networking
Staying Alive: Early-stage startup crisis survival tips
Ahead of the third Calcalist and Poalim Hi-Tech StartUp+ Competition, heads of the Israeli ecosystem provide forecasts and advice for startups at the beginning of their journey
Why speak with investors when you’re not raising money?
It is obvious why to speak with investors as you are gearing up for a fundraising round. Very few people get money handed to them without even asking. But is there a reason to talk to investors even when you’re just starting out and still defining your product and team? In other words, should founders speak with investors even before they start raising money?
ולפעמים החגיגה נמשכת? על שיא הגיוסים בהייטק הישראלי
ההייטק הישראלי, בדגש על חברות סטרטאפ, גייס השנה יותר מ-25 מיליארד דולר. האם הסכום הפנטסטי מבטא את השיא, או שחגיגת הגיוסים תימשך? הלכנו לשאול כמה מומחים ומנהלים .שחלקם כבר הוביל כמה גיוסים מרשימים


The Hi Five With David Lazerson, Co-Founder and CEO at Briya
David has deep expertise in cybersecurity and enterprise infrastructure, with over a decade of experience managing cyber, R&D, and data analysis teams. He is the former CEO of Axioma, a cyber consulting and incident response company, and has also worked as an engagement manager at Sygnia (acquired by Temasek). During his military service he served as a special cyber ops officer at the 8200 intelligence unit.
The Hi Five With Onn Haran Co-founder and CTO at Autotalks
Onn Haran is the co-founder and CTO of Autotalks, which is the world pioneer and leader in V2X communication. Autotalks helps reduce collisions on roadways and improve mobility with its automotive qualified chipsets, which will be mass-deployed in the coming years.
The Hi Five with Jonathan Friedman Co-founder and CEO at Demostack
Jonathan Friedman is Co-Founder and CEO at Demostack, a platform that helps SaaS companies accelerate growth with better demos.
The Hi Five With Eran Shlomo
Eran held key positions in Intel's processor division over 13 years and has global expertise in computing and information processing architecture. He was responsible, among other things, for the development and implementation of machine-learning technologies in every Intel lab in the world. In addition, in recent years, Eran was the technological leader of the cooperation program with Intel Israel startups (IPP), and was part of its founders. Eran also has rich entrepreneurial experience, and Dataloop is his third startup. Eran holds a BSc degree in Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering at the Technion.
The Hi Five With Oren Buskila Chief R&D Officer and Co-founder at Innoviz
Oren is a seasoned technological leader with over 14 years of experience in designing complex systems and managing large scale R&D projects.
The Hi Five With Raviv Melamed CEO at Vayyar Imaging
Prior to founding Vayyar, Raviv was vice-president of the Intel Architecture Group and general manager of Intel’s Worldwide Mobile Wireless Group.


8200Bio Event for BioTech and HealthTech Entrepreneurs
We’re going to discuss the challenges (and opportunities) of starting a Biotech, or a HealthTech startup in Israel, from the founders perspective. By founders – for founders. If you’ve got a scientific background and you’re looking to start your own Biotech or Health-related company this year, this event is for you! If you’re already a founder in your early stages of your Biotech startup, you should join us, too!
From Innovation to Industry - Amiti Event
Join Amiti Ventures, ScienceAbroad, and Link Ventures for an exclusive event designed for early-stage entrepreneurs!
Elad Raz, Co-founder and CEO of NextSilicon at our event "Trends in Data Center Architectures"
As part of our compute-related series of events (by AMITI and Samsung Catalyst Fund), we've had an event about datacenters architectures. Here's what Elad Raz had to say.

Meet the founder

Meet the Founder with Oren Rosenzweig, Co-founder at Innoviz
Ben Rabinowitz with Managing Partner and Founder, Amiti Oren Rosenzweig, Co-founder, Innoviz
Meet the Founder with Dotan Nahum, Co-founder & CEO at Spectral
Ben Rabinowitz - Founder and managing partner, AMITI Dotan Nahum - Co-founder & CEO, Spectral